The Night is Young- editorial

The night doesn’t have to be over as soon as you get home. Grab a drink from the fridge, take off your makeup and get comfortable, because the night is as young as you feel.

The Point Café Spring Menu


This year, Marketing Manager Marelize and I sat down to discuss creating some new images to mark the launch of The Point, Eastleigh’s new spring menu 2018.

Above all else, we wanted to showcase the venue’s family friendly atmosphere, so my vision was to create some environmental portraits which captured both the menu and the people enjoying it.

They Live Next Door

They Live Next Door is a touching, tender and gritty show that knits unique stories with intricate choreography and nostalgic live melodies. Set in a home, on a street not too far from your own, it explores the light and the dark of familiar relationships. The duet is an emotional rollercoaster that sensitively uncovers the complexities of preconceptions around masculinity. At times conforming and other times shaking off stereotypes, multiple relationships between the two men unravel, weaving memories,expectations and domestic rituals. They Live Next Door sets out to ask how social stereotypes affect our identity and our relationships with each other.

The Hotel Experience- Lila Dance

I’ve been working with Lila Dance again over the last few months on a new immersive dance performance called The Hotel Experience. Here are some shots from my photoshoot with them in the Creation Space at The Point. I love dance photography and when it is always interesting to try to capture the themes of the show in photoshoot. One of my key aims was to use flash photography to freeze moments in time or motion,  illustrating how the hotel is a place of transition. The show has a magical element to it, that the hotel itself feels somehow alive, and i’ve tried to show this through the surreal look of bodies floating above the bed. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Dance Photography- Amy Morvell

Olympus Em5 Mark II, M.Zuiko 17mm F1.8

Dancer Amy Morvell and I had a great time shooting some dance photography in Chichester last week. We started in the picturesque Priory Park, and then headed over to the University of Chichester for some studio shots.

Around The House

Model Flora Gibbs shows us how to spend a lazy day taking it easy Around The House, relaxing, drinking coffee, listening to music, and curling up with duvets on the sofa.

Super soft make up and hair styling by Evie Smith @evies_makup

All shots taken on Olympus Em5 Mark ii, with Olympus 45mm f1.8 and 17mm f1.8

Instagram links: @dougieevans@evies_makup@floragibbs

Outfit: Pink cable knit jumper- Rolla’s Jeans, white crop tee- Asos, Jeans- Model’s own, Eyelash Knickers- Asos

2016 The year of Identity

Imbalance- Joli Vyann
Imbalance- Joli Vyann
Night at the Theatre- Tim Casson
Night at the Theatre- Tim Casson

2016 was an explosive year for me, and one that questioned some of the biggest issues currently surrounding our sense of identities. I started the year with Joli Vyann’s jaw dropping dance-circus show Imbalance.  Watching two dancers performing breath-taking moves while holding a mobile phone really puts into perspective how mad our lives can be. It is currently being performed at Sadler’s Wells, so you should definitely check it out. Then I had the great pleasure of working with the super talented Tim Casson on Night at the Theatre, which playing off the stereotypes of what a theatre can be and do, and was a shed load of fun.

KJ L Mortimer
KJ L Mortimer
They Live Next Door- Ieva Kuniskis
They Live Next Door- Ieva Kuniskis

Talking of which, in April had two brilliantly fun photoshoots with Commotion Dance and KJ L Mortimer. KJ and I found some really interesting images exploring contemporary dance against Chichester’s unique identity as a small city with a unique mix of urban and rural architecture. Next I brushed up on my balkan tangos and man waltzes for Ieva Kuniskis‘s They Live Next Door, which asks how social stereotypes affect our identity and our relationships with each other, and tours this year (2017). It follows two male performers negotiating the complex matrix of male relationships showing that you can feel immense frustration, anger, and incredible love all in the same moment.’

Enormous Room- Stopgap Dance
Enormous Room- Stopgap Dance

Then there was The Enormous Room that spoke of loss and nostalgia with some mesmerising dance from Stopgap Dance. When our relationships are such a huge part of our identity, what happens when that part of you dies, and what impact does that have on your other relationships.

The Deluge- Lila Dance
The Deluge- Lila Dance

At the end of the summer I remade The Deluge for rural touring with Lila Dance, which continues to tour into 2017. It is about a whole community finding a sense of identity through their shared experience of a natural disaster. When a flood washes everything away, what remains precious to you?

Where is Christmas- Commotion Dance

I was then very fortunate to travel to Dubai to make Where is Christmas with Commotion Dance, which is a magical and heart warming dance show for children, proving that the identity of christmas can be made with a few cardboard boxes and just the children’s imagination.

people-are_people-1Finally, I worked with Floods of Ink on People are People, an absolutely fascinating theatre show about gender identity- probably the most complicated identity issue of today. Still filled with taboo, stereotypes and misrepresentations our ideas of gender need a serious update, which makes People are People a hugely important show.

Dubai Street Photography

Dubai is incredibly photogenic and street photography there has a truly unique mix of city architecture and beach landscapes. The hot sun gives some really vivid colours, and high contrast images, which I think the Olympus Em5 Mark ii has done a great job of capturing. Lenses: Olympus 17mm f1.8 Olympus 45mm f1.8 Olympus 75mm f1.8