Creative Friends

A small group of creatives and arts managers who support my work and have offered to guide this development phase. They are well connected and skilled and will be able to help me prioritise opportunities and put me in touch with the right people.

Sho Shibata, Executive Producer, Stopgap Dance
Vicki Hargreaves, Choreographer, Commotion Dance
Fraser Wilson, Head of Performance & Public Engagement, Britten Pears
Rosalind Brown , Novelist
Heidi Bird, Outreach Director, Watermill Theatre

Examples of my work


“The drama is punctuated beautifully with Dougie Evans’s soundscapes − here the sound of outside traffic and there, the pull of a dreamy, surreal blend of effects.”

Disability Arts Online

“Dougie Evans’ driving soundtrack includes sound collages and loops shaped from the technological jungle sounds of devices, apps and printers – perfectly showcased in the Skype/text routine with lush strings punctuated by loops of text pings and that trademark ringtone.”

The Stage

“Dougie Evans’s jittery sound design makes ample use of ringtones, notification pings and Skype and email sound effects, often echoing or overlaying them until they become distorted and disturbing. The very familiarity of the noises, like the familiarity of the blue light, the hunched shoulders and the preoccupied face, is the root of the soundscape’s queasy power.”

Exeunt Magazine

“The music plays no small part in this. The sounds of modern technology – from the clicking sounds of typing on a smart phone to sell service check outs – create a show that feels incredibly current. At one point, the two dancers struggle to keep up with the sounds arou

Edge Arts

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