This Charming Sound | Twenty Eight Eleven Ten | Doug Evans playing Elan from This Charming Sound on Vimeo.

Videos From the Sofa 2 is the second in a series of Documentaries by local film-maker David Tressler, capturing and showcasing the original songwriting music community of Chichester.

Curated and produced by Pete Lambrou of chiLIVE, the documentary was filmed in its entirety on Sunday the 28th of November 2010 with three simple rules: One Day, One Song and Just One Take. This year it took place in what many believe to the be the hub of Chichester’s contemporary music scene: The Chichester Inn – a venue that has been at the forefront of the live music scene for many years, and given opportunities to all local bands and musicians writing original music. The 14 artists and songs recorded that day give an outstanding look into the eclectic and vibrant music currently coming out of our City, and the exceptional talent that writes and performs it. The sound was recorded completely live by Anthony Way, of local recording studio Vicious Hippy.
As last year, each performer’s track and video will be up exclusively on for two weeks…
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The ninth performer (Dougie Evans playing “Elan”) –

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