Wilton’s Strike! Dance Festival 2014

It was my huge pleasure to perform at the magnificent Wilton’s Music Hall for the opening night of their brand new Strike! Dance Festival. As the oldest musical hall in the world, it is one of London’s most precious and hidden gems, and it resonates history and charm in every room. I also had the rare opportunity to perform my piano score live, enjoying the sound of the piano resonating through a hall dripping grandeur and charisma.

He Lived Next Door was new collaboration with London based Lithuanian choreographer Ieva Kuniskis, who has choreographed a virtuosic and moving solo on Darius Stankevicius. The piece was commissioned by Wilton’ Strike! and we had the great honour of opening the festival with our premiere.

It was interesting for me to be restricted to only composing what I could physically play. I have a great luxury as a composer to be able to write music without necessarily being able to play it, and it was nice to remind myself of that. Never-the-less, I gave my best shot at a contemporary piano piece in the style of a Grand Russian Waltz.

We have plans to develop a duet in 2015, so watch this space on future collaborations with this fiercely talented choreographer.

You can watch the performance here.


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