What If? By Yael Flexer

After 3 weeks of rehearsals Yael Flexer has finished What If? her piece for Ludus Dance's latest touring production, Consequneces- a new triple-bill touring production from Ludus Dance, choreographed by Nigel Charnock, Yael Flexer & Ben Wright. The production will premier at Nuffield Theatre Lancaster on Friday 10th September 2010. Most of the music has…

Successful Strings

Many thanks to Nico Millar and Tim Scarlett for their superb string playing. The two have been in the studio recording ideas, phrases notes and sounds for my new compossition for Ludus Dance. The piece explores the theme of consequences, and will be set to choreography by award winning Choreographer Yael Flexer.

Movement 12 at Brighton Festival

Myself and Nick Farwell are playing cinematic percussion, drums and guitar live at the Pavillion Theatre in Lîla Dance's piece for Movement 12's showcase at Brighton Festival on the 16th May For more information and to buy tickets Click here.

Ludus Dance

I'm extremely excited to be working with Ludus dance on their next piece Consequences.  It will be a triple bill of work from Nigel Charnock, Yael Flexer, and Ben Wright. Based in Lancaster for over thirty years, Ludus Dance is Britain's Leading Dance in Education Company. The Ludus Touring Company creates and tours contemporary dance-based…

The Living Room

After an exciting Premiere at Woking Dance Festival, The Living Room went on to The Place, to recieve some great reviews! http://www.londondance.com/reviews_details.asp?C=Yael+Flexer+and+Nic+Sandiland&P=The+Living+Room&V=the+place+%26+touring http://www.musicomh.com/theatre/dance_yael_0310.htm


The final touches have been made on Tracker, the exciting piece from Lila Dance.  After a successful first tour, the piece has been re-made with the help of arts council funding, to be an even more gripping quartet. The music was re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered, and paired with the breathtaking and energaic dance, it proves…

Mayakaras update

Lila Dance have made an epic 40 mins peice for their youth company, and i'm extremely excited to see it. I will be getting the video soon, and can't wait to start work on the full track. Tragic circumstances led to me being unable to attend the process, and they've had only scetches of music…