Luke Brown Dance- Dandelion Child Photography

Was a great pleasure to collaborate with Luka Brown on some concept images for his new show The Dandelion Child. We played with colours and textures to enrich the images with a flavour of the show.

Digital Artist

Dougie Evans is a Digital Artist working across multiple art forms, with a specialism in capturing everyday life and human experiences. Previous work includes installations, photography, films, audio walks, music, and soundtracks.

My sound work has become recognisable by its unique mix of field recordings with real instruments and sound design. Whether a soundtrack for a show or a sound installation, my work always aims to transport the audience so that they feel like they are in a fictional world, even if that world is abstract or electronic. The use of familiar sounds in sometimes unfamiliar ways has become my trademark.

My visual work has a strong focus on portraits and documentary photography, capturing the beauty and interest of real people and real life. My equipment is portable, un-intrusive, weather proof, and produces extremely high quality images and videos. I can set up very quickly, and easily adapt to changing environments and locations.


Exclusive new track- Bagyo

Following the catastrophic typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines in november 2013, I have released an exclusive new track on an album titled Sisters and Brothers.

Sisters and Brothers is a charity album featuring some fantastic musicians from all over the world, and all the proceeds from the album will go directly to he British Red Cross’s Typhoon Haiyan Appeal. The album was put together by Tokyo based DJ and composer George Art Baker, and features a track from his alias Smoke Thief.

Bagyo means storm in Filipino, and the exclusive new track features an improvisation played by me on a Charango.


released 20 December 2013
Compiled by George Art Baker.
Mastered by Danny Nugent.
Released on Escape To Yourself Records

Special thanks to James Boote for his help in making this happen.

The Incredible Trailer

This trailer gives you a preview of my soundtrack for Lîla Dance’s new piece The Incredible Presence of a Remarkable Absence. The piece is just over 50mins and contains a real hot pot of music of sound and design, with cello and guitar music melting into field recordings of birds, crickets, and campfires. The piece is an incredibly moving work of physical theatre and it is a real honour to have been part of it.

365 Random Acts of Dougie Evans

Today is the end of my first week of an audio/visual 365 project, posting either a photo, video or an audiotrack each day for 365 days.

Full credit goes to Jerrel Jackson for the title of this project

Day 1 was my first self portrait and involved hitting the timer and some casual sprinting.

Day 1- 365 Random Acts of Dougie Evans

Day 2- The Bella, me and Bella had a quick coffee in small batch after walking around pride in Brighton.

Day 2- Bella Kardasis

Day 3- The Spider, this little guy moved onto the blueberry just as i walked over for a macro close up.

Day 3

Day 4, Classic Mirror shot, this is an essential shot, and I expect to do a few more of these mirror self portraits over the year.

Day 4- 365 Random Acts of Dougie Evans

Day 5- In the Studio, spent the day recording ‘Kyo’.

5/365 random acts of Dougie Evans

Day 6- Window Ambience, this is an audio recording out of my bedroom window.

Day 7- Mel and Will, fantastic to see them both happy and well just a month before Mel gives birth to their first child.

Day 7- 365 Random Acts

I Am Joy 2011

It’s official! Jerrel Jackson & Dougie Evans are curating dance at this year’s I am Joy Festival.

The fifth annual I Am Joy Arts Festival in Chichester is promising to be an exciting year. At a secret location a mystical forest will rise from the city soil bringing Music, Poetry, Film, Art, Comedy, Media-clashes, Dance, Theatre, and Workshops.

We are extremely excited to bring Dance back into the heart of the festival, and will be anouncing a high quality program as soon as possible. Local dancers should keep their ears out for impending details about our pre-festival workshop.