Today is the end of my first week of an audio/visual 365 project, posting either a photo, video or an audiotrack each day for 365 days.

Full credit goes to Jerrel Jackson for the title of this project

Day 1 was my first self portrait and involved hitting the timer and some casual sprinting.

Day 1- 365 Random Acts of Dougie Evans

Day 2- The Bella, me and Bella had a quick coffee in small batch after walking around pride in Brighton.

Day 2- Bella Kardasis

Day 3- The Spider, this little guy moved onto the blueberry just as i walked over for a macro close up.

Day 3

Day 4, Classic Mirror shot, this is an essential shot, and I expect to do a few more of these mirror self portraits over the year.

Day 4- 365 Random Acts of Dougie Evans

Day 5- In the Studio, spent the day recording ‘Kyo’.

5/365 random acts of Dougie Evans

Day 6- Window Ambience, this is an audio recording out of my bedroom window.

Day 7- Mel and Will, fantastic to see them both happy and well just a month before Mel gives birth to their first child.

Day 7- 365 Random Acts

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