“OK. When did you know it was love?”

I had great fun making some music for Amy Morvell’s new duet called Turtle Dove. All the sounds take their lead from some beautiful soundbites of people talking about love, that Amy had collected during her research. So rather writing music for contemporary dance on the theme of love, the musical tracks are inspired by the places and characters we hear in the text, and that is what makes it so varied!

Turtle-Dove-by-Dougie-Evans-6And to give you and idea of just how varied they are, titles include everything from Turkish Speedos to I Need Her At Times.

It’s always tricky to make sure that the text has enough ‘space’ to be heard, and i think we struck a good balance on this- sometimes the dancers listen and sometimes the text initiates the movement.

Big thanks to Pavilion Dance South West, and The Point for providing space and support for us.



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