A Sound Effect just published a great article featuring five sound designed focused accounts they recommend following on instagram. Here is what they had to say…


Diego Stocco, the self-proclaimed ‘Explorer of Sounds’, is a sound designer and composer who has contributed sounds to movie trailers for IT and Annabelle Creation as well as video games like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry Instincts. Lately, Stocco has been posting in detail about his different sound design experiments as well as the instruments that he builds himself. If you’re into unconventional sound design (and you should be!), Diego Stocco’s Instagram account is extremely inspiring.


You may know Richard Devine from his experimental music projects in the 1990s and maybe more recently from the copious amount of presets he’s contributed to companies like Native Instruments and Soundtoys. Devine is extremely active on Instagram where he posts his numerous sound experiments displaying the different types of equipment, obscure plugins, and techniques he uses. All of his videos and photos are beautifully and stylistically shot as well.


Indepth Sound Design examines film sound by using the Instagram carousel feature to reveal the different layers that go into detailed sound design. There are also commentary layers so you can hear the various sound designers and re-recording mixers go into detail about how the different sounds and mixes were created. None of the videos are re-dubbed and all of sounds you hear are from the actual films!


Defacto Sound is a sound design studio in Washington, DC run by Dallas Taylor who is also the host and producer of the fantastic podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz. The Defacto Sound Instagram features their video collaborations with huge brands such as Nordstrom, National Geographic, Buick, etc, but with only their contributed sound design track audible. It’s a great study into the detailed audio that goes into a wide variety of styles.


Robert Dudzic is a sound designer for Hollywood movie trailers as well as music libraries such as DAMAGE which he co-produced alongside Heavyocity and Native Instruments. He posts many of his recording setups including a very interesting 3-mic field recording technique. The notable posts below are older so let him know you’d love to see more!

My instagram account is more geared towards my photography work, but anyone interested can find me @dougieevans

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