5 sound design Instagram accounts you should follow

A Sound Effect just published a great article featuring five sound designed focused accounts they recommend following on instagram. Here is what they had to say... @diegostoccocbo Diego Stocco, the self-proclaimed ‘Explorer of Sounds’, is a sound designer and composer who has contributed sounds to movie trailers for IT and Annabelle Creation as well as…

Reaching 1000 followers on Instagram 

Anyone who's launched a profile on Instagram will know how demoralising it is when you make a huge effort to gain less followers than most teenagers have without trying. So with the hope that I can save others time and research, here's what I've found successful in my journey to 500 followers. The key to my strategy has been to find real followers. Don't be tempted with companies that offer to gain you thousands of followers. Followers who don't care, or aren't real (in many cases) won't engage in your posts and that will stop you from growing.