I recently had great fun writing the music for a new outdoor dance show for early years by Commotion Dance called Will & When: Our Garden. It’s a gorgeous show which teaches young children the importance of helping things grow, with some hilarous moments from the two characters, and awesome dancing of course!

The main theme of the sound track is a Joni Mitchell inspired acoustic guitar piece. One of my favourite bits of music is about half way through the show there’s a piano arrangement of ‘The Teddy Bear’s picnic’ which then morphs into a comic tango piece, as a tranquil picnic descends into chaos as the two friends fall out.

About the Show

It Join two very different characters on a messy movement adventure to discover why it’s important to help things grow. Wilhelmina (Will) loves to grow things but doesn’t quite know how. She’s willing to do anything to make sure her plants are safe and happy. Wendy (When) just doesn’t have the time to help. She is impatient and finds the garden dull and boring.

Will and When need to work together, with the support of the audience to make sure they can make their garden grow, and so they can learn to appreciate their environment. With an original sound score, dazzling dance and old fashioned humour the audience will enjoy a fun and lively interactive performance.
Two extremely large plant pots – with trampettes hidden in each – set the scene, surrounded by a dainty picket fence and colourful flower beds. The young audiences will be led into a world of discovering why its important to help things to grow.In the garden, audiences are invited to sit on picnic blankets and be greeted by Will and When to watch this non-verbal story unfold.

Commotion Dance create contemporary dance performance for young audiences and deliver a programme of workshops for children and families.

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Will & When: Our Garden

I recently had great fun writing the music for a new outdoor dance show for early years by Commotion…

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