JJ+DE web launch

Jerrel Jackson & Dougie Evans new website goes live at www.jjde.co.uk After a successful photoshoot with Natalie Rowland, we have the official Instinct promotional shot. The Jerrel Jackson & Dougie Evans company is the forming of a long term collaboration into a company that reflects their commitment to creating work together.

Jerrel Jackson & Dougie Evans

Things are really shaping up for the full scale launch of Jerrel Jackson & Dougie Evans. Firstly we are in this year’s Resolution! 2011 at The Place in London; an annual showcase of emerging dance companies that has seen the debut of many great companies.

We will perform the Debut of ‘Instinct’ in the Robin Howard Theatre at The Place on the 20th of January 2011.

Secondly, No Strings Attached a scheme by Farnham Maltings are supporting the production and touring of this piece and we are extremely grateful to them for their support.

Keep your eyes peeled for an imminent website launch, publicity, and rehearsal updates.

Ludus Dance feature on Article 19

Article 19 has featured a video of Consequences by Ludus Dance, including footage of my soundtrack to Yael Flexer’s piece What If?


The triple-bill format is a new departure for Ludus Dance, and Consequences features the work of three of the UK’s biggest names in choreography.

Nigel Charnock, celebrated for repeatedly breaking new ground, brings you a thunderously chaotic chunk of dance theatre that explores the effects of order and chaos on our lives, whilst poking fun at the self-destructing tendencies of our fame hungry society.

Yael Flexer, renowned for connecting with audiences on a human level, reveals a very different interpretation on the theme. Her choreography sees the four dancers caught up in the ripple effect of their own decisions as they create a show before your very eyes.

Meanwhile, Ben Wright, director of bgroup dance company and internationally recognised choreographer, explores fragmented histories, and calls us to seize the moment… NOW!

Aimed at young people and first-time dance audiences, Consequences has wide appeal and is set to entertain through a pulse-racing mix of jaw-dropping dance, theatre and music.

Video Feature:

Trailer for Consequences: