I Am Joy 2011

It's official! Jerrel Jackson & Dougie Evans are curating dance at this year's I am Joy Festival. The fifth annual I Am Joy Arts Festival in Chichester is promising to be an exciting year. At a secret location a mystical forest will rise from the city soil bringing Music, Poetry, Film, Art, Comedy, Media-clashes, Dance,…

JJ+DE web launch

Jerrel Jackson & Dougie Evans new website goes live at http://www.jjde.co.uk After a successful photoshoot with Natalie Rowland, we have the official Instinct promotional shot. The Jerrel Jackson & Dougie Evans company is the forming of a long term collaboration into a company that reflects their commitment to creating work together.

The Living Room

After an exciting Premiere at Woking Dance Festival, The Living Room went on to The Place, to recieve some great reviews! http://www.londondance.com/reviews_details.asp?C=Yael+Flexer+and+Nic+Sandiland&P=The+Living+Room&V=the+place+%26+touring http://www.musicomh.com/theatre/dance_yael_0310.htm


The final touches have been made on Tracker, the exciting piece from Lila Dance.  After a successful first tour, the piece has been re-made with the help of arts council funding, to be an even more gripping quartet. The music was re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered, and paired with the breathtaking and energaic dance, it proves…